Assam: Bangladeshi criminals sneaking into Assam with passports, visas!

25 Nov 2016
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The cross-border infiltration into Assam from Bangladesh has a sinister aspect with a large number of criminals, including some of the ‘most wanted’ from that country, sneaking into the State clandestinely with visas and other relevant documents to evade arrest. And after entering India, many of these criminals manage to stay on in the country for long periods.

In one such case, Ragib Ali, a ‘most wanted’ criminal in Bangladesh living in Assam for a long time, was on Thursday handed over to Bangladeshi authorities by the Assam Police via the Karimganj border. Ali had officially entered Assam through Karimganj with proper visa and passport.

According to sources, when Ali’s visa expired for the first time, he applied for extension and his visa was extended by the authority concerned. When his visa expired for the second time, he again applied for its extension and subsequently it was extended. Meanwhile, he got himself admitted in a hospital based in Shillong for treatment and while he was in hospital, his visa expired for third time and he again applied for its extension.

Frequent requests by Ali to the authority concerned for extension of his visa term made the Assam Police suspicious and it took up the issue with Dhaka through the Indian government. The Bangladesh government finally informed Assam government that Ali was one of the ‘most wanted’ criminals in that country, involved in crimes related to land grab. Several cases have been registered against him in Bangladesh, according to authorities in Dhaka.

The Bangladesh government also requested New Delhi to arrest Ali and extradite him. Following this request, the Assam Police tactfully detained Ali. The information of his arrest was then communicated to the Bangladesh government, which in turn finally decided to take him into its custody.

On Thursday, Ragib Ali was formally handed over to the Bangladeshi authorities.

Source: TNT

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