Demonetized currency worth Rs. 7 cr smuggled into India from Bangladesh via Tripura!

22 Nov 2016
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Spiked Indian currency notes amounting to Rs 7 crore, mostly in Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denominations, have been smuggled into India from Bangladesh via Tripura for exchange in Indian banks.

Intelligence inputs received by Karimganj police suggested that some extremist groups or unscrupulous traders based in Bangladesh may have sent these spiked notes, following the demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes by the Indian government, through their agents based on both sides of the India-Bangladesh border.

Sources in Karimganj police informed that Rs 1 crore out of Rs 7 crore sent from Bangladesh for exchange in India is now being kept somewhere in the district for exchange. The rest of the notes are believed to have been sent to other places of the country for exchange.

Meanwhile, the authorities concerned in Karimganj district have been put on high alert following this input. Central intelligence agencies have also been asked to keep their eye on tracking any such suspicious transaction anywhere in the country.

Along the India-Bangladesh border, the problem was not only the sheer number of fake Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes pumped into India on a regular basis, but also the high quality of these notes which replicated vital security features.

However, the Centre has been closely working with the Bangladesh government since December 2015, training its security agencies to contain the cross-border smuggling of counterfeit notes.

In another interesting development, due to high demand by Indian drug addicts, the Bangladeshi notes are now being smuggled into India for its durability, a media report from Bangladesh said.

Sources said drug addicts use this note to roll into a pipe to inhale smoke from yaba, a powerful addictive stimulant, and heroin, added the news report. This bizarre use of fake notes from Bangladesh was discovered recently after police arrested two Indian nationals with a large amount of such currency at Benapole port in Jessore district.

Source: TNT

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