Music videos have been around for a long time now and most of us have grown watching and being inspired by them. Northeast India has also progressed with quality video making over the years. Local artist and bands evolving in terms of their music also do want the best in portraying their music.

Then there are media students, learning, producing artwork so that they can also make the cut in being the best of the expanding industry. Any form of print, film and media based knowledge is a learning ground for the creative minds.

Music videos as many claim it to be, is a marriage of two art forms. With music or film production either being the bride or groom. Whichever being the case, complementing each other resulting in a wonderful presentation of varied emotions for people to watch and listen.

Recently, (July 23, 2016) this union of marriage was witnessed in a screening of four music videos of its debut album to be released by Summersalt, a TransFusion band from Shillong at St. Anthony’s college, Mass Media Dept.

This screening served its purpose two ways wherein the students could interact with the band and director of photography for questions relevant to the production, story, concepts and more. As for the band, it was a testing ground to learn about the feedback given on the videos and probably understand the aesthetics and improvise if any required before the release of the album next month.

The Band stated, ‘We are encouraged to see how students and teachers of the college reacted to the music videos. We will look into all those constructive feedback and try to incorporate them when possible. That event was informational and a learning experience for both Summersalt and the students, we believe”

Four music videos were screened, out of which two were English tracks – ‘Let us be awake’and ‘Once and for all’ and two Khasi tracks – ‘Pyrta Shnong’ and ‘Kamai ia ka hok’

Their album will be released this coming August, consisting of 12 songs, out of which four were screened at the college; before the actual release date.

St. Anthony’s college, Mass Com Department expressed their gratitude for the screening, considering it privileged to have the opportunity of learning which the students thoroughly enjoyed. It can be noted that most members of the band along with the director of photography are past pupils of the dept. and college.

Summersalt, in the progress path of their music took their time out to expose young creative minds to the potential of the video and considering the feedback given, it gave them time to further improvise and learn themselves.

In addition to their album being released, we can also look forward to them featuring in the Bollywood movie, Rock On 2 to be released this November 11.

An acoustic version of their song ‘Kamai ia ka hok’

Source: TNT

The hunt for India’s most talented and versatile youth recently concluded and two youths from Assam, Gyandeep Goswami and Anubhav Goswami brought laurels to the region by making it to the finals of ‘MTV Colors of Youth’ season 5.

The talent was pitted among others from the best B-Schools and colleges in India and the duo may not have won the contest but have proved that Northeastern youth are never far behind than others.  The competition was tough but the effort, struggle and every bit of their journey was worth it. The duo left the panel- Nikhil Chinapa and Perizaad Zorabian mesmerized by their voices.

Speaking to Shweta Raj Kanwar from TNT: The Northeast Today News, Gyandeep and Anubhav share their experiences, struggles and their source of inspiration that helped them to rise above all odds.

Despite pursuing an Engineering degree from Assam Engineering College, the duo always had an affinity, although hidden at first, for music.  As Gyandeep says, “I wasn’t much a singer before getting into the college! I was more involved in playing instruments like mandolin and keyboard. I never did compete in any national level competition before. As I started singing just after getting into my college, I competed in college cultural events and I bagged prizes in some events like western song competition, jikir, qawali in college competitions. So basically Colors of youth was like my first try!”

Anubhav adds, “I had been a short distance runner in my school days. I still devote my time to football whenever I am free. Though the hectic college life doesn’t allow me to follow football like I used to, during my high school days.” Living their lives as ordinary students, the duo had never thought that something as big as this would come their way, helping them find their hidden talents and giving them an opportunity to make the region proud.

Anubhav recalls, “This show came to us as a surprise. We had another gig at some other place. So we were rehearsing for that. We had been hearing rumors that MTV would visit our college for some show. The fact that Nikhil Chinapa and Perizaad Zorabian would actually come as judges never came to our minds. Not for a single time.” Talking about the show, he further adds, “The North East Prelims was held at AEC auditorium. We had a very short span of time to rehearse.  So we decided to showcase a mashup of two hindi songs!  The judges actually liked our performance and hearing comments from them was itself a big thing for us”, he adds in excitement.

The duo sang songs that were a fusion of sorts, that were away from the usual monotony and this was what took them as far as becoming the finalists in the show. He adds, “8 acts got selected from the Northeast region from a total of 130 acts(approx; if I am not wrong) for the Zonal round which was to be held in Kolkata. We made it to the finale. We didn’t win!” he sighs. Anubhav talks about their forte and says “We perform Mashups mostly! Soft Instrumental pieces with a bit of Bollywood taste. Presently, we are working on our own compositions and stuff.”

The duo seek inspiration from various sources including Ragging which is funnily interesting enough. As Gyandeep adds, ” My maa inspired me to get into the field of music. She introduced me to this new world buying me a mandolin when i was a kid! gradually i got deeper. But singing? … it is because of the ragging that i faced in my hostel! My seniors forced me to sing and when I did, they forced me to sing for the hostel on the stage. I lacked confidence but my friend’s and seniors support helped me to overcome it. Before that i never realized, people like my voice as well! To this, Anubhav adds, “My parents motivates me in every front and we share a great taste in music. My parents sing too. My teachers have also motivated me and have encouraged me to sing.”

“The music scenario of Northeast is undoubtedly much better as compared to other parts of India and this is what gives us pride and inspires us”, the duo add.

Right now, the youngsters are trying to strike a right balance between their studies and their passion for music and singing and are bent upon completing their engineering degree first. However, keeping alive their talent, the duo have also ‘one-named’ themselves as ‘Gyan-Neil’ and will very soon be uploading their duet performances.

These two youngsters present a very good example of the fact that one need not always be talented to become successful. Sometimes, a good company and inspiring people make big things happen at an unexpected time and place. TNT-The Northeast Today congratulates them on their stint and wishes them all the luck for their future endeavors.

Source: TNT

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